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Rental car

Our exact location on google maps:

Portugal is not as organised as the north of Europe regarding directions, street names or addresses. Make sure your phone or navigation is charged since you will need it.

1:15 Hours (93 km).

From € 5.- per day in low season to € 35.- per day in high season

Airport taxi service

Let us know if we can provide the contact details of our local taxi service.

Transfer directly from Lisbon airport to the lodge (max. 8 persons, 8 pieces of luggage).

1:15 Hours (93 km).

€ 120 (this is the taxi price and is the same for 1 person or 8 persons).

Public transportation

more information regarding the rapida linha verde bus at

From Lisbon airport take a taxi to Lisbon Bus station Campo Grande. This trip will take you around 15 min depending on the traffic and ask the taxi driver to drop off you at the bus stop “Rápida Verde” (direction Óbidos).
The bus to Óbidos will approximately take 1 hour And from Obidos it’s easiest to take a taxi to our lodge (at Bom Sucesso beach).

+/- 1:45 Hours.

1. Taxi Lisbon airport to Lisbon Campo Grande Bus Station (+/- € 7.-)
2. Bus from Lisbon Campo Grande to Óbidos Bus Station (+/- € 8.-)
3. Taxi from Óbidos Bus Station to The Kitesurf Lodge (+/- € 20.-)

Important notice regarding COVID-19

Dear Visitor,

The worldwide corona crisis hits numerous people (in)directly around the world and the tourism sector is receiving a massive beating.

However it starts to look like we can open our doors from June onwards again!

Next to the better perspective we fully understand the gravity of the current situation and for this reason we made a few adjustments in our cancellation and deposit policy:

- You can do your booking with us without paying a deposit.
- After the crisis has passed or 14 days before your arrival we will be in contact to see if you'd like to continue with your holiday.

We hope that this will give you the reassurance that you can have your holiday if there is a possibility and if the crisis continues that you will be assured that there is no additional financial damage on top of all the hazard that is currently going on.

In case you have any doubts about planning your holiday, feel free to contact us and we're very willing to search for a suitable solution for you.

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