Surf holidays Portugal

surfing at the silver coast


You wan’t to spend your holiday on a board and on the beach? Wave surfing is amazing to do sports enjoy the ocean and spend enough time on the beach to get through your sun block in a week.

surf holidays Portugal

Praia da Areia Branca is located 65km distance from Lisbon. Near the best Portuguese surf spots , Praia da Areia Branca is the perfect place for surfers, nature lovers, families, friends and couples. It has something magical that is difficult to describe by words. You can easily fall in love for this small paradise.
With beautiful beaches all along the coast, we can say that the beaches nearby have a mystic aura: filled with a great amount of biodiversity and Geo diversity, all of them have hidden treasures to be founded. The biggest of all is, with no doubts, the perfect sunset that happens over and over again, once per day, and each of them so differently. You can walk everywhere!

Beginner classes

  • A short history of surfing
  • Introduction to Surf equipment
  • The local region geography / How to find the best spots
  • Introduction to ocean tides, currents and waves techniques
  • How to position yourself on the board, how to paddle, sit and turn
  • How to go to the line-up and handle with the white water
  • Basic Techniques on the white water (first waves)
  • Take off (standing up on your board) practice on the sand
  • Take off practice on the white water
  • Turning on the white water
  • First approach on surfing unbroken waves

Intermediate classes

  • First session as an evaluation of your surfing skill and establish the best way to improve
  • How to choose the best surf equipment according with your level
  • Improving your paddling, and some beginners techniques
  • Understand the correct position in the line-up to surf unbroken waves
  • Priority rules
  • Shape, size and direction of the wave
  • Practicing paddling into the wave
  • Take-off on unbroken waves and turning
  • Front-side and back-side surfing
  • Manoeuvres: trimming (how to get speed)
  • Approach to advanced surfing techniques

Advanced classes

To join our advanced surfing lessons, you need to feel comfortable on the water, know the priority rules, be able to catch unbroken waves on your own and turn.

  • Ocean knowledge
  • Surf equipment knowledge
  • Choose the best schedules and surf spots in order to practice advanced techniques with less crowd on the water
  • Ability to catch and ride unbroken waves
  • Practice the classic surfing line: trimming, bottom turn, top turn
  • Advanced manoeuvres: tube ridding, cut back, off the lip and floater.


Group Lessons:
Single Lesson€ 35,-(+/- 2 hours)
Full Day€ 60,-(2 Lessons same day)

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