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Over the years we received quite some questions regarding our holidays, lessons, accommodation, etc.
In case you don’t want to wait on a response from Maus (who is probably snoring behind his laptop),
you can probably also find the answer to your question on this page.


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Q: Are there specific days to check-in or check-out?
A: No, you can arrive on any day of the week, so you can see what flight would fit best.

Q: Before what time is the check-in?
A: Your room will be ready at 15:00 (but you’re welcome to arrive earlier). Our reception is usually open until 18:00. If you arrive after 18:00 we can send you a guide on how to enter the lodge and find your room.

Q: At what time is the check-out?
A: The room must be empty at 11:00 and also any payment must be settled at that time. But you’re still welcome to hang around the lodge for as long as you like after 11:00.

Q: Is there a possibility to pay with card upon arrival?
A: We do not have a card machine, but we can send you a link that can be paid with card (the transfer fee for this payment method is 2%).

Kitesurf holidays (packages)

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Q: What is the best time wind wise?
A: We have a small thermal effect which means that we have slightly stronger wind when it’s warmer, so typically, July and August are the best months.

Q: Do you offer wind guarantee?
A: No. On average (May till October), we have 4 to 5 days of wind per week. In case we see that we have fewer windy days in a week we’ll offer to do longer sessions so that your package hours will be filled.

Q: I’m already experienced (can jump a little bit), is this a good spot for me to train further?
A: Please contact us personally so we can see what we can exactly offer you.

Q: I’ve already done some lessons (I can body drag). Do I need to start from the beginning again when booking a kitesurf holiday?
A: No, we’ll do some checks to see about your technique, but we’ll continue the course from where you left off.

Q: I’m not sure if I should rent a car, what do you think?
A: Renting a car will give you a lot of flexibility to visit our region and its cities/beaches. Since you’ll have a lot of time outside the kite lessons, renting a car will definitely make your holiday even nicer.

Q: I’m traveling alone. Is this a suitable holiday for me?
A: Yes, it is. Usually, 50% of our guests are traveling alone. The average age is mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Q: How long will it take me before I can kite independently?
A: That very much depends on how fast you develop yourself. Usually, people will be on the board on the 3rd lesson, but how long it will take before they can really ride in a safe and controlled manner by themselves is impossible for us to say upfront.

Q: How can I book with you?
A: Our booking process is per email. In case you’d like to make a booking and we have availability we can send a confirmation in which we’ll ask you to do a deposit of 30% of the complete booking.

Q: Can I cancel my holiday if I can’t go?
A: In case of a cancellation we offer 100% refund of any payment made when the cancellation is received by us at least 1 month before your arrival date.


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Q: Do the rooms have private bathrooms?
A: We don’t have rooms with bathrooms en-suite. The bathrooms within the house are all shared.

Q: Are bed linens and towels included?
A: Yes they are. However, we don’t offer beach towels.

Q: I like a decent night’s sleep, so I’m unsure if I should book a holiday package with you.
A: We are not a party camp, so after 23:00 we’ll ask all guests to keep the noise to a minimum

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: Unfortunately we have the policy that we don’t allow minors in the accommodation.

Kitesurf lessons (without accommodation)

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Q: At what time is there kitesurfing?
A: We plan the exact session time for the next day between 15:00 and 18:00 (since we have the latest version of the forecast at that point). On most (not all) days, kite sessions are in the afternoon.

Q: Can I cancel my lesson if I don’t feel like going?
A: You can cancel your lesson free of charge up to 2 days before the lesson is planned.

Q: What in case of no wind?
A: If we can’t offer the lessons due to too little wind, we’ll refund 100% of the unused hours (unless you’re on a discounted kitesurf holiday package and we have a different arrangement with you).

Q: What if I’m too late for the start of the session?
A: The session will start at the planned time. But you’re still able to join the session. However the missed time cannot be added without an additional charge.

Q: Is it better to book private or semi-private (shared kite with 1 other person) lessons?
A: That usually depends on your fitness. Private is more intense and so if your fit it will be a faster way to progress, but don’t underestimate that it is also the more physically demanding form.

Renting kitegear (no lessons)

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Q: Can I also rent gear without taking lessons with you?
A: No, we do not rent out gear without lessons


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Q: How do I travel to you?
A: All information on how to travel to us from Lisbon is written here