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Kitesurfing is in general an expensive sport. This is mainly because the materials are much more expensive compared to wave surfing but also because the groups of kitesurfers are much smaller compared to other water sports.
Since we want to make kitesurfing accessible to everyone, we always have promotions in place to make your kitesurfing holiday possible for a lower budget.
Promotions are in no way an inferior product compared to our regular kite holidays. The only difference is that in some periods we have more availability and would like to share this advantage with our guests.
So are you looking for a high quality Kitesurf Holiday plus Discount, Then you’ve come to the right place and you’re on the right page!

Current promotions

The best Kitesurf holiday with the most Discount, for the best kitesurf lessons and the best kite gear. If you have any questions about the current promotions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will normally respond on the same day!

In general, our promotions always cover full kite packages, but our promotions can cover everything. So if you don’t see a promotion that suits your needs right now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have one for you tomorrow.
So do you want to learn to kitesurf with the best material and not pay too much? Then sign up for our newsletter and be sure to get the best deals under the Portuguese sun!

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Important notice regarding COVID-19

Dear Visitor,

The worldwide corona crisis hits numerous people (in)directly around the world and the tourism sector is receiving a massive beating.

However it starts to look like we can open our doors from June onwards again!

Next to the better perspective we fully understand the gravity of the current situation and for this reason we made a few adjustments in our cancellation and deposit policy:

- You can do your booking with us without paying a deposit.
- After the crisis has passed or 14 days before your arrival we will be in contact to see if you'd like to continue with your holiday.

We hope that this will give you the reassurance that you can have your holiday if there is a possibility and if the crisis continues that you will be assured that there is no additional financial damage on top of all the hazard that is currently going on.

In case you have any doubts about planning your holiday, feel free to contact us and we're very willing to search for a suitable solution for you.

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