Course program

The kite

Kitesurf course – day 1

On the first day of our kitesurf course our goal is to get you comfortable with the kite. We’ll start on the beach with a trainer kite and continue the lesson with getting familiar with the wind window and steering techniques. Once you’re used to the kite, we’ll progress to a tube-kite (the one you’ll use for kitesurfing) and introduce you to setup of the kite and the bar. As soon as all the safety features are explained and we’ve done all checks we’ll go into the water where you will fly the kite for your first time.

Body dragging

Kitesurf course – day 2

On the second day we will continue with body-dragging. Body dragging means that you let the kite drag you through the water. After this lesson you will be able to use the kite to go in every direction. Upwind body-dragging is important to get you back to the board if you fall down. Downwind body-dragging is a good preparation for the next day of your kitesurf course when you will attempt your first water starts. Furthermore this lesson includes self-rescue which is important because you need to know how to get back to safety when something goes wrong in open water.


Kitesurf course – day 3

The third day of your kitesurf course is where aspirant kiters have been waiting for; The waterstart! This consists of combining the previous lessons; learned kite-skills and controlling the board. The combination of doing the two things at the same time ‘kite and board’ is a difficult step to take but with the help of our instructors and the mirror flat water, you will get familiar with the adrenaline rush of riding the board soon enough.

Riding the board

Kitesurf course – day 4

As your waterstart gets more consistent, the distance you’ll ride downwind will get longer. Today the kitesurf course will continue with improving your position on the board and prepare to be able to ride upwind as well. At this moment you’ll be fully able to enjoy the speed that the kite has to offer. After this lesson you’ll feel like a true kiter with only one thought on your mind: “Where do I find the time to do more kitesurfing throughout the year”.

Independent kiting

Kitesurf course – day 5

This is the last day of your kite course and not long until you’re an independent kitesurfer. Today you will practice how to deal with other kitesurfers around you and you’re going to make the first turns. When you’ve mastered this last lesson, your goal is complete: you’re a true kitesurfer! Congratulations! Luckily all the fun will continue: from this point you can start practicing riding toe side, start jumping, grabs, rotations and all the other stuff you were stoked about when you were watching kitesurf video’s on youtube.