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We are an IKO affiliated school and provide kitesurf courses according to the IKO lesson program where safety, fun and progression are the key factors. Read all about our Course program

The spot

Our classes take place in the Obidos lagoon. This is an amazing place with waist high flat water. Conditions are made even better to kite because the wind comes directly from the ocean which makes it nice and steady.
You can read even more about our kitespots at our kitespots page


Our instructors are passionate kiters and are selected on teaching and language skills.
We provide lessons in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese, Wanna meet the team? Click here


Well about this we made no compromise:

  • Kites: Duotone (formerly North) Evo 2019
  • Boards: Big variety of Brunotti boards
  • Bars: Duotone (formerly North) 2019
  • Extra: Prolimit wetsuits, harness,impact vest and helmets
  • What more: Some specialized materials for experienced kiters like Hydra foil, speed kites and wave boards

Kiting for every level


You are new to kitesurfing and excited to experience the sport but maybe also a little worried if you would be able to learn kiting in one week? Well, don’t worry about this. One week will probably be too less to start jumping but there is plenty of time to get on the board, start riding and experience some real speed and power of the Portuguese wind.


You are already familiar with kiting but not yet at that point where you can just rent materials and go out on your own. We’ll get you within a week and we’re going to make some starts with jumping as well. In case you complete our course and still have hours left, it’s never a problem to switch from lessons to rental or guided kiting if you’d prefer.


You can ride toeside jump a bit and want to go to a kite school where you can really work on your technique, start jumping higher and further develop your tricks? You’ve come to the right place. The Obidos lagoon provides perfect conditions to do all this and the best part of this story is that we have in instructor available to ride with you and give you the exact tips you need to make that piece of progression you really wanted.


If you just want to go out there by yourselve(s) and freestyle in the lagoon or jump in the Atlantic, you can find the perfect kite and board with us and walk from our lodge to the beach and start enjoying your session!

Lesson types

Group lessons

1 Instructor takes 3 students, these students share 1 kite


Students can rest from time to time

Students learn from seeing the progression and mistakes from co-students

prices are more affordable

Semi private lessons

1 Instructor takes 2 students and 2 students share 1 kite


Perfect mix between rest and hours on the kite

Students learn from seeing the progression and mistakes from co-students

The instructor spends more time with the students which results in faster progression

Private lessons

1 Instructor takes 1 student and 1 kite


The intense training guarantees the maximum amount of progression

No waiting time for other students

Prices of the kite school

Type1 day
3 hours
2 day
6 hours
3 day
9 hours
4 day
12 hours
5 day
15 hours
Group€ 80€ 150€ 215€ 275€ 330
Semi private€ 110€ 205€ 290€ 370€ 445
Private€ 90 (per hour)
Rental€ 90€ 180€ 270€ 360€ 450

Kite with us

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