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The used-to-be secret spot

The Obidos lagoon used to be a hidden kitespot,
but during the past years it has been growing in popularity with visits from pro riders, promotional shootings from Liquid Force and was the homebase for the big product test from The Kite Mag.
Where did this sudden popularity come from? Well I guess it’s quite simple: Lot’s of space, flat water and the Portuguese Nortada are the perfect ingredients to have an insane kitespot for all levels!


The Obidos lagoon is the biggest salt water lagoon of Europe and therefore one of the safest kitespots of portugal to teach and learn kitesurfing.
The lagoon has shallow water and from time to time some choppy waves. Because of the shallow water there is no danger of being dragged out while you’re of the board.
But when you’ve got the hang of staying on the board you’ll find this kitesurf spot has conditions perfect to start practicing your first jumps.

Kitespots Portugal
Obidos Lagoon


The wind is most of the time cross onshore which makes this lagoon very safe for inexperienced kitesurfers.
There is no channel that will drag you out into open water and wind conditions are quite stable if you compare them with other kitesurf spots across Portugal and southern Europe.
When the wind is coming from North-West, it’s immediately from the ocean so it has the minimum amount of gusts.


Since the wind direction is never towards the Ocean, the Obidos lagoon has no channel,
the water is shallow and the mouth of the lagoon is made of sand instead of rocks,
the only dangerous factors at this kitesurf spot are how responsible you are yourself and how carefull your fellow water sport enthusiasts are



Next to the lagoon lies the Atlantic Ocean. From the lagoon till Peniche are amazing kitesurf spots to enter the waves with your directional.
The water is rather cold most of the year (so be sure to pack a 4/3 wetsuit),
but for the experienced kiters that want to have some fun at a variety of kitesurf spots; waves are pretty much guaranteed here.


For those who want to kite in the Ocean we’d recommend to go in the summer. In summer (on average) the wind over the different kitesurf spots will be strongest in these months.
If the wind direction is north there will be a possibility to go downwind all the way to Peniche.
In case you don’t have transportation back; follow our promotions page since we will be planning some downwinders throughout the year.

Kitespots Portugal


When you want to kite on the different kitesurf spots at the Ocean,
we shouldn’t need to inform you too much about the dangers and risks, but for all that want some extra information about specific kitesurf spots,
please come by our lodge and we’d happily tell you about our experiences.

In case you’d like to read more about the region visit our region page

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