Kitesurf Rentals

You need kitegear, No problem!

Our kite equipment is brand new every year. So if you’re looking for a place to rent quality materials for a fair price you’ve found the right place! Please note that we only rent out materials to kiters that are on a safe and independent level (this means IKO level 3 or equivalent). If you feel quite comfortable on the board but are a bit hesitant to go out completely by yourself, just take a lesson and our instructors will make sure you’ll get that last bit of confidence to go out on your own the next day. You can view our courses and priced here.


The spot

All details

Only top notch kitegear:

  • Kites: Duotone (formerly North) Evo 2019
  • Boards: Big variety of Brunotti boards
  • Bars: Duotone (formerly North) 2019
  • Extra: Prolimit wetsuits, harness,impact vest and helmets

All details

Our classes take place in the Obidos lagoon. This is an amazing place with waist high flat water. Conditions are made even better to kite because the wind comes directly from the ocean which makes it nice and steady.
You can read even more about our kitespots at our kitespots page.


Kiting for advanced riders


If you just want to go out there by yourself and freestyle in the lagoon or jump in the Atlantic, you can find the perfect kite and board with us and walk from our lodge to the beach and start enjoying your session!

Guided Kiting

You’re able to kite independently, but you feel more comfortable having an instructor around to keep an eye on you or you can kite independently but don’t have the proper licence to show, no worries. We can offer you a guided kitesurf session which means that an instructor will join you kiting and keeps an eye on you while freestyling himself. In case the instructor thinks you’re fully independent you can switch to gear rental for your next session. However in case our instructor sees that you’re not on a safe and independent level yet, he can stop the session and offer you to continue on lessons instead.


Prices kite rentals

Type2 hours
Full gear set€ 75
Guided kiting€ 100
Board only rental€ 25
Kite only rental€ 60

Kite with us

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