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We are 2 guys crazy about kitesurfing and providing the best possible holidays for our guests. We started our own kitesurf school here in Portugal because we are convinced we have something special to add to the market. Our goal is to provide the best kitesurf holidays for a reasonable price. Both of us were convinced that Portugal has the best ambiance for our guests to enjoy a kitesurf vacation and so we went on a road trip to explore the different kitesurf spots around the amazing coastline of Portugal. It didn’t take too long until we agreed that the lagoon of Obidos offers incredible conditions and so we went to search for a lodge that could accommodate 15 to 20 guests.


Without making any compromise on comfort, location or other services we found this amazing lodge just a five-minute walk from the Obidos lagoon. Since we only want to teach with the highest quality and safest gear we decided to get brand new Duotone (formerly North) equipment for our students and fly with Duotone Evo kites (the very best of kites to learn kitesurfing with). After everything regarding the lodge and lessons are up to our standards it is our future goal to further develop on the technical side. We want our guests to get the absolute maximum out of their holiday, enjoying the sun and learn how to kitesurf in this little piece of paradise in Portugal.

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Important notice regarding COVID-19

Dear Visitor,

The worldwide corona crisis hits numerous people (in)directly around the world and the tourism sector is receiving a massive beating.

With the current safety measures we're not allowed to teach at the moment and we expect that we won't be able to provide holidays and kitesurf lessons during April either.

In our opinion the uncertainty is prohibiting us all from making concrete plans but even though all kinds of events are cancelled we're still planning an amazing summer for you.

At The Kitesurf Lodge we fully understand the gravity of the current situation and for this reason we made a few adjustments in our cancellation and deposit policy:

- You can do your booking with us without paying a deposit.
- After the crisis has passed or 14 days before your arrival we will be in contact to see if you'd like to continue with your holiday.

We hope that this will give you the reassurance that you can have your holiday if there is a possibility and if the crisis continues that you will be assured that there is no additional financial damage on top of all the hazard that is currently going on.

In case you have any doubts about planning your holiday, feel free to contact us and we're very willing to search for a suitable solution for you.

We hope to see you soon and wish you all the best and health!

Maus & Kaj

The Kitesurf Lodge

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Tel: +31 636 166 117
E-Mail: info@thekitesurflodge.com
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